CCI is an official Affiliate Provider for The Medical Cannabis Institute (TMCI), providing American Medical Association (AMA) accredited, Continued Medical Education (CME) content from the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) School of Medicine and from the Postgraduate Institute of Medicine.

CCI is also an official Affiliate provider for the Cannabis Training Institute (CTI), providing professional curriculum content in many facets of the Cannabis Industry including Certificate programs in Core Cannabis Training, Dispensary Technician, Health and Safety Training and the Americans for Safe Access (ASA)’s Patient Focused Courses.

CCI is also an official Affiliate provider for THC University (THCU), providing professional curriculum content in many facets of the Cannabis Industry from Budtender training to Horticulture, Cannabis Business and State Regulation Certification programs.

CCI is an online teaching and certification resource for:

  • Medical Professionals, seeking to broaden their knowledge on the various medical topics of cannabis, by auditing our AMA accredited CME content
  • Non-medical persons interested in becoming certified in various areas of the Cannabis Industry by auditing our Industry Standards certification programs.

All of CCI’s course offerings are digitally delivered through a provider in-site learning management system that is viewable from any desktop, laptop, or mobile device. The educational modules are developed to be in the style of a presentation, and they may also contain audio narrative, video, animation, illustration and quizzes.

The Caribbean Cannabis Institute (CCI)

is the primary resource for Certified Cannabis Education. 

Our Mission is to provide easy access to Certification Courses in different areas of Cannabis Study. We provide the highest quality of Cannabis education available by offering courses from providers that have demonstrated completeness, accuracy and strong development standards in the forming and issuing of their content.

Good quality cannabis education is rare to encounter due to limited regulation on the subject.  CCI aims to be one of the best regarded resources for the highest quality of Cannabis education for Medical and non-medical professionals interested in entering the Cannabis Industry, not only from the Caribbean and Latin America, but also Internationally.

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